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Mudsmith, MUDLAND, TX, a clean, green, safe & rewarding place to work.

Ken Goldsmith, owner of Mudsmith, a "drilling MUD company", used part of his name to creatively & appropriately name his oilfield service company, and, he simply switched the second letter in Midland to creatively & appropriately name the CLEAN & GREEN compound where Mudsmith is based. Ken Goldsmith is on a mission to prove that a potentially DIRTY business can be a CLEAN & SAFE place to work. 

Words from the founder

A few years back, we decided that we were going to be the CLEANEST outfit in a DIRTY business. We use a significant portion of our profits to provide a very clean & safe work environment for our employees."

All of our yards are paved. There is no blowing dust. There are no potholes. We collect rainwater off our rooftops. We use this to mix mud, thus saving the groundwater for human consumption.

We use LED lighting in all of our facilities. As for for our heating and cooling system, we use the earth's temperature to heat & cool our new offices, on what is called geothermal loop. 15 well bores are connected into a geoloop which serves as an underground radiator. We trade the hot air on the surface for the 68 degree cool air from beneath the surface.


Mudsmith's Pitless Pad Driling

After over 30 years and millions of dollars invested in research & development, a true game changer in closed loop mud systems is now available from Mudsmith, which eliminates the need for earthen reserve pits and horizontal rectangular (open top) mud pits. The best news is, this may be the first closed loop system available to operators that isn't significantly more expensive than open pit drilling.

The secret to Mudsmith's Pitless Pad Drilling system is vertical tanks. Mudsmith has harnessed an enhanced use of GRAVITY by stacking drilling fluid volumes up VERTICALLY. While typical reserve pits depend on retention time alone, Mudsmith's system utilizes mechanical solids removal methods, ~10-20 times more hydrostatic head pressure, AND retention time to remove undesirable drilled solids from the recycled mud system. All solids are safely contained in upright settling tanks, where 100% can be removed by trucks with no contamination to the land or groundwater.

Mudsmith's Pitless Pad Drilling System is completely self-contained, requiring no additional rentals, and no air, electrical power, or labor borrowed from the drilling rig. Mudsmith even provides the vacuum trucks for hauling in all drilling fluids, and hauling away all drilling wastes, significantly reducing number of vendors required to drill a well.


For more information on methods of drilling cleaner, safer, faster and greener, call Mudsmith at 432.687.6837.



Ken Goldsmith


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