“A Regionally Focused Drilling Fluids Service Company”

 Our mission is to provide our customers the safest drilling fluids solutions,

at the lowest cost, for hole stability and formation protection.

Retail or Full Service Pricing                             Wholesale or Limited Service Pricing

Specializing in:

  • Well Planning – Best Mud Program
  • Total Well Cost Reduction - Best Mud Recap
  • Water Based Mud Systems - Fresh Water Muds
  • Non-Damaging Systems - Inhibitive Muds
  • Salt Water Muds
  • Potassium Muds
  • Sulfonated Asphalt Muds                                  
  • LSRV Muds
  • Acid Soluble Muds
  • Excellent Field Service - Best Mud Report


Other Markets :

  • Completion / Workover Fluids
  • Re-entry Methods & Systems
  • Weighted Kill Fluids
  • Premixed Muds


We are well experienced:

  • Over ~400 Satisfied Customer References.
  • Over ~7,000 wells without a single disputed invoice.
  • Average ~15-18 wells per month, ~200 wells per year
  • West Texas
  • Southeastern New Mexico
  • West Central Texas
  • Central Texas
  • North Texas


Well Equipped:


Mudsmith stocks a complete line of bagged, canned, drummed and bulk inventory, 4,000 barrel liquid mud mixing & storage capacity.

Our late model fleet of forklift equipped tractor trailer rigs & bulk transports ensure rapid delivery of bagged, bulk, or liquid mud products.


Fully Insured                

Certificates available upon request