Mudsmith is an authorized Vortex Fluid Systems (VFSI) dealer.

VFSI is committed to building the highest quality shakers for the oil industry. With over 600 VFSI shakers in operation worldwide the VFSI product line has been shown to excel in performance and screen life. The VFSI shaker product line is unique and not a copy of any other shaker in the industry. At VFSI we use only high quality components and welding practices when fabricating each shaker. In addition to quality materials and fabrication the VFSI line of shakers have outstanding performance. With over 6g's of vibration acceleration and 30ft2 of screening area, the VFSI Orbital 3000 has one of the highest performance ratings in the industry. Also with patented progressive elliptical motion the screen life with VFSI shakers has been shown to be exceptional. The four shakers in the VFSI product line are the Orbital 3000, Orbital 3000 Dual, Orbital Mud Cleaner, and the Orbital Drying Shaker. The Orbital product line has many beneficial features such as having one of the lowest weir height in the industry. Also the Orbital 3000 Dual has many beneficial features that save time and money when operating rigs.


 Vortex Fluid Systems, Inc. (VFSI) was incorporated in 1995 by Grant Young and in 1998 began to design and build high-performance equipment for the drilling and mining industry. Prior to this Grant spent 16 years working for Amoco Research in the area of solids liquid separation and is the author of numerous technical papers. In 1994 Grant became an SPE Distinguished Lecturer. Grant is best known for his work in solid-liquid and oil-water separation using hydrocyclones. Grant has 21 patents for hydrocyclone and shaker design.

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