Workover Shaker Tank w/ Vortex Orbital 3000 Shaker

Mudsmith's Mud Cleaning & Conditioning System for Workovers, is designed to provide more mud volume, better mixing, better solids removal, and gas separation, than typical equipment available for workover operations, consistent with Mudsmith's goal to provide "cleaner, safer, faster, & simpler methods of mixing & handling drilling fluids".

Typical workovers are equipped with a ~120-180 bbl reverse rig pit with only a length of window screen to remove drilled cuttings from fluid returns to the pit. These pits are sufficient when only water is required for drilling fluid. When a mud system is required for open hole drilling, or cleaning out washouts, typical reverse pits fall short in the areas of volume, mixing & cleaning capabilities.

Mudsmith's Mud Cleaning & Conditioning System features ~450 bbls of usable mud volume, a high shear mud mixing hopper, a high performance orbital shale shaker, a gas separator, a ditch magnet for removing metal cuttings, a pressure washer for keeping work areas clean & safe, and lighting for 24 hour operations.

The shaker tank, pump & hopper skid, & vertical mixing & storage tank, are all skid mounted for ease of transportation. Base skids feature forklift pockets on all four sides. Loading hitches on tail board skids feature permanent bridles for quick, easy & safe loading onto winch trucks.

Pump skids are equipped with explosion proof electrical starter boxes. The shaker tank pump is automated to start before tank runs over & stop before tank runs dry. The 400 bbl V-Tank is equipped with radar level indicator & ground-level display capable of monitoring multiple tank levels.

A wind-sock is provided to determine direction of exhaust of noxious or flammable gasses.

Ground-level manways  provide for tank cleaning to be done with no need for confined-space entry.

The on-board pressure washer is supported by a ~1,400 gallon fresh water reservoir. This pressure washer provides for cleaning the unit during & after field operations, while in the field, to lower clean-up costs upon release of the units.

All tanks are internally coated with acid-resistant coating for long-term service in the field.

Mudsmith also provides staff & field mud engineering services, a complete line of bagged, liquid, or dry-bulk mud additives, and a fleet of trucks capable of hauling all types of mud additives.

Mudsmith is also equipped to deliver & rig up all equipment we offer.

For more information or to schedule a rental, please call our 24 hour service number at 432.687.6837